On November 22nd, 2009 Abbey passed away due to complications from a SADS related episode. Unknown to her family and doctors Abbey was born with Long QT syndrome. Long QT is a rare genetic heart condition, which may trigger a sudden fainting spell or seizure. In Abbey’s case her heartbeat was erratic for so long it caused sudden death.
Please support the SADS Foundation, learn more about Abbey’s condition, and how to prevent & treat SADS.

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When someone you love passes, memories are all we have, and those memories are forever. Let’s celebrate and remember her together, please share your thoughts, memories and photos of Abbey for everyone to enjoy.

Daddy Joe
It's been 12 years. Yet this time of year brings your memory so close to us. This Halloween I thought of you carving pumpkins. What costume would you pick this year? Would there be empty candy wrappers in your room weeks after as you would (or convince Ivey to) sneak into the kitchen for a late night snack. . We typically are making Thanksgiving Day family plans this time of year. You are putting together your Christmas list. I miss you. Your memory still is strong. Your voice is faint. I often think about what you would be like at 22. What would you be interested in? How would you spend you time? You didn't have a chance to experience so many things. That breaks my heart. What you went through in the hospital, I'm so sorry. I think of the years on meds that weren't for you. I think of the sacrifices you and Ivey made. The performances from the living room stage or the back of the car as we go to school were award nominations. One more "squeezy hug" would be nice. Or many more hugs would be better. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for so much. I'll keep your smile, your warm hugs and laugh close to my heart.

Daddy Joe

Felicia Payne
Abbey, I never have got to know your mother over the years. Not only is she the best realtor I have ever met, but she is one of the kindest and most attentive agents I've had the pleasure to work with. I see that the love and attention that is being shown to you is from the hearts of special people that have grown to Cherish you through your families her eyes. There's no better love, then that!

Yet another year passes and you are still missed everyday. There will never be a day that you are not missed and loved so much. So sad you had to go. Nanny will always miss you and our fun times. I still have your poems and power point presentations. We did have so much fun. Always in my heart. Nanny