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When someone you love passes, memories are all we have, and those memories are forever. Let’s celebrate and remember her together, please share your thoughts, memories and photos of Abbey for everyone to enjoy.
Felicia Payne
Abbey, I never have got to know your mother over the years. Not only is she the best realtor I have ever met, but she is one of the kindest and most attentive agents I've had the pleasure to work with. I see that the love and attention that is being shown to you is from the hearts of special people that have grown to Cherish you through your families her eyes. There's no better love, then that!  

Yet another year passes and you are still missed everyday.  There will never be a day that you are not missed and loved so much.  So sad you had to go.  Nanny will always miss you and our fun times.  I still have your poems and power point presentations.  We did have so much fun.  Always in my heart.  Nanny  

Everyday we feel the pain of your absence.  But today makes it even more painful as I reflect on that horrible day you were scared by bees.  And then you were gone.  Oh sweet little Abbey, how we miss and love you.  You are forever in our hearts.  Always with us, you will never be forgotten.  Love you to the moon and back a billion times.  Always your Nanny.  

Daddy Joe
Abigail, we miss you so much.  Not a day goes by that we don't think of you or wonder what your life would be like now.  You would be a young woman at this point.  You are so beautiful.

Today I wrote Alanna.  She was one of the recipients of your donations.  I thought she should know who you are and what you are like.  

I love you Baby Girl.  Arianna sings the "Abigail song" to Parker when he is tired to help him go to sleep. It reminds me of rocking you to sleep in the rocker when you were a baby late at night.  Kiss hands until I see you again.  Fe de bon rev

Hey Abbey first happy birthday i miss you so much i wish you were here to start college with me and more adventures you are always on my mind as well as my brother that passed away this year as well it hurt that 2 important people left i have so many questions for God that are unanswered but i miss you i cry thinking about you i remember back in 5th grade when  Ms.McKinney was saying you had to run the track but you couldn't so i sat down with you and we read a book and ever since that ever recces we would be together i could never forget you nor the memories we shared i love you Abbey  i graduated from high school start college next semester and turn 19 October 19 i wont have to much fun all my friends know you are my main girl best friend i love you 

Oh sweet baby girl how I miss you.  How I wished things were different and you were here flipping around getting excited about another birthday.  What college would you be at? All the things I wished I could know.  How I wished I was worrying about what to get you for your birthday, I am sure anything we would get you would love it.  So sorry I was not wise enough to see what was happening and we could have saved you.  I miss you every day and think of you every day.  You will always be with me.  And words can not express how much you are loved and missed.   

One week from today my baby girl would be celebrating her 18th birthday... miss you every day.  

Abbey I love and miss you babygirl ??????  

I miss you so much Abbey a lot I wish you would be heree for every time I pray I pray for you to ok in heaven too I love you ??????  

Abbey looks like she was a beautiful, amazing little girl.  I know she is loved and missed very much.
My heart goes out to you and Abbey's family.